Bianca's Story

As National Foster Care month comes to a close, we wanted to share the story of We Are Becoming’s resident Bianca- her struggle through difficult life circumstances, her drive to survive, and the role that your support is now playing in providing hope for her future.

From an early age Bianca had to learn to fend for herself. “If life has taught me anything,” she says, “it’s how to be a warrior...” Her mother struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and at the age of 5 years old, Bianca and her twin sister were both placed into foster care. By the age of 9, they were finally placed with their aunt and uncle as legal guardians.


Even then, Bianca experienced cycles of physical abuse and neglect during her adolescent years. After graduating high school, she applied to attend a SUNY college with tuition assistance from government grants and chose to major in Broadcast Journalism. She loves the writing and production aspect of broadcast journalism, but her two main passions are acting and cooking.

Despite the huge accomplishment of going to college- without the emotional or moral support from family, Bianca ended up homeless and jobless after graduation. By winter of 2017, she found herself sleeping wherever she could. From sleeping in a car to couch surfing through all her friends’ homes, to visiting different homeless shelters with her mother who is still living in the homeless shelters herself. Although things had never been quite this tough, she was hanging on and God was working behind the scenes... 

One of the campus staff that she met at her college campus ministry knew of her situation, and had recently heard a presentation given by the We Are Becoming team at her church. She reached out to us regarding Bianca’s situation and eventually connected us to Bianca to begin our intake process.

During an initial assessment interview, when asked what she most desired from our program, Bianca answered with tears in her eyes, “I want safety and structure, but most of all, to be in a place where I feel wanted. I never felt that anywhere... that I am wanted and welcomed.”

When she came to visit our home, she couldn’t believe how clean, pretty and cozy the place was. A brand new bed with brand new sheets and pillows and a kitchen to cook her favorite dishes. Most of all she couldn’t believe, people “out there” who didn’t even know her gave to prepare a place for her—“I can’t believe I might be able to come live here. I feel so unworthy and I don’t want to get my hopes up yet.”

After she was invited to move into the We Are Becoming home, we learned that Bianca has struggled with insomnia most of her life, she has a hard time falling asleep and a harder time staying asleep and has needed increasingly powerful prescription medication to help her sleep at all. On her first morning waking up in the home, the RA asked how she slept and she replied, “I don’t remember when or how I fell asleep. I just closed my eyes and… it was morning. I can’t believe it.”  Without medication.

As part of our program, she is currently exploring a few job and internship opportunities offered directly through our supporters. Bianca speaks with hope - ”I believe that I am here to prove that I can be the first to break the generational curse in my family.”

Thank you for being a part of Bianca’s warm welcome with us.

Thank You For An Incredible Year