Thank You For An Incredible Year



Hello friends!

If you are reading this, it means you have replied “yes” to the invitation to be part of We Are Becoming. To walk alongside us in the work that God has initiated. And we want to thank you for your “yes." As we look back on our very first step to the most recent accomplishments of We Are Becoming we are reminded of this one truth that has become our anchor.

God is Faithful.

There are so many instances of divine providence on the journey of We Are Becoming, from the approval of our 501(c)3 status by the IRS in less than a week, to the very first donation check received before we even had a checking account open, to this month of December with so many events that occurred just back to back to back. We are reminded of how God takes the tiniest mustard seed of faith that we offer up and exchanges it with His faithfulness and abundance.

We are learning that God certainly does NOT need us but He chooses to invite us, all of us, to be part of what He is doing. And being part of His dream is so much fun! Truly, the burden is light when it is from the Lord and although we work hard to do our parts, we can’t ever outdo God.

As we come to the end of 2017, it is our pleasure to share our latest updates:

  • We moved into our residential apartment!

    The earliest versions of the We Are Becoming mission were formed in an entrepreneurship business competition in 2013. As part of a business plan assignment, we were asked to specify a location for our proposed residential program. We had no idea where it should be located, but having recently heard a powerful message from a guest pastor about his own experiences growing up in the Bronx and the need for compassionate workers there- we simply, and naively, wrote down “Bronx, NY.”

    Wouldn’t you know it, our very first residence is opening its doors in the heart of Little Italy in the Bronx, and we already love our new neighborhood.
  • We are preparing a Community Center!

    By divine appointment, on the same week we found our residential apartment, we were approached with an offer to start a community center, in a newly renovated building in South Bronx. We will be able to offer our community service programs just blocks away from Catholic Charity Services, GED Schools, Bronx Documentary Center and other organizations and businesses that are working toward the betterment of the community and its residents. The center is conveniently located to public transportation and we hope to open our doors in Spring 2018.
  • We have been embraced by the local church community!

    We were invited to speak and share our vision at the Promised Land Covenant Church and received a warm welcome into the Bronx community from Rev. Dr. Michael Carrion and his congregation. We are beyond thankful to them for inviting us into their “family”, their love offering, their prayers, and their ongoing support and commitment to the work and mission of WAB.

    With the residential apartment set, rooms being made ready for our first residents, the preparation of the Community Center for Spring and the full support of the community, we are finishing 2017 strong. It has been an incredible year thanks to YOU, our supporters, who have encouraged us and generously donated financially to make all this possible.

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful new year and we look forward to updating you in 2018 with stories of our residents, community center development and our growing partnership with the community.

With hearts full of gratitude,
The We Are Becoming Team

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