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This month we are thrilled to announce the addition of Susan Hwang to the We Are Becoming staff as Program Director.

We sat down with Susan to ask some tough questions, which we are happy to share with you-

Q: What attracted you to join WAB?

Admittedly, I think it's more about the "who." I've known Helen and Stella since before the inception of WAB and have admired their faith, courage, vision, and obedience along this journey. That I might be weaved into the unfolding of this story is an honor. The "who," of course, also includes the young people who will come our way. From all walks of life, this is where we converge. It's time and space carved for something redemptive to rise. What can be more attractive than that?!

Q: What do you hope to achieve during your time with the organization?

As Program Director, I will need to grow an intimate knowledge of the wide variety of needs and interests of the ones we serve. In doing so, I hope to grow in compassion as I consider their past, clarity as I assess their present, and faith as I look to their future.

Q: What is an interesting tidbit about yourself?

If I could, I'd play sports allllllll day long. I'd play and train and coach ALL DAY!

Q: What is "home" to you?

Home is safe. Home is where your biggest fans reside. Home is somewhere you thrive, not just survive.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you wish to impress on the young people you work with?

Nothing, I mean NOTHING is unredeemable. There is nothing outside of God's redemptive reach.

We get excited talking with Susan and we hope that you do too! Find out more about all our staff here.



In other news, we have completed our move into the Hope Room, located in lower level of 2504 Broadway New York. We are now settling into our new space and preparing our services for young adults aged 18-24 to assist with job search, community and relationship building, and referrals to services. Here’s a sneak peek at our cozy corner where all visitors and friends are welcome to stop by for a chat or to check in on our programs.

A huge thank you to our supporters who donated in-kind, online and by snail mail following our March newsletter - a portion of your generosity was used to provide the initial supplies for our essential pantry! If you wish to add your handprints of giving in our hope room, please check out the We Are Becoming wish list to complete the furnishing our of office space/drop-in center.


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