Small Beginnings and Making Friends

Hello friends!

Milestone Announcement

We are thrilled to announce that We Are Becoming has received its very FIRST grant! The Advent Mission Fund supports organizations that extend the social mission of the church in areas of poverty, education and missions, and crisis recovery.

Small Beginnings and Making Friends

“Hello, is this the Hope Room?” With our banner hanging and flyers posted on community bulletins in our neighborhood projects, we have been receiving calls from and welcoming those in need of hope, services and prayers in our community. From a young woman currently attending a GED program but needing help with resume writing and job search; concerned foster parents with a foster child who is about to age out of the system; a father of two older sons who is in need of housing information because they are being evicted. The list continues.

We have been connecting with and have ongoing plans to meet with members and leaders of local churches, including Trinity Grace Church UWS and Hope Church UWS. We join in prayer, share about the needs of the community and the services we want to provide together. We are excited to see our partnerships grow.

Our first community outreach took place this month. Our objective was simple, get to know our neighbors and their needs. Some snippets of funny conversations include, "My mom told me never to talk with strangers”, “We like to hang out here to watch the girls walk by." Mostly, we made sure to let them know we are here to help!

We started a bi-weekly prayer meeting with the We Are Becoming community and friends. We gather to pray for our city, our community, our mission and our own personal longings. Prayer is one of our core values—if you would like to join our prayer gathering or have a personal prayer request please let us know. We Are Becoming... together!

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