We are dedicated to serving the diverse needs of homeless and disconnected youth in New York City.
We exist to break the bondage of poverty and hopelessness.
   We are a catalyst for change in the trajectory of a young life.  

Who Are The Homeless Young People?

The U.S. Department of Education defines homeless youth as youth who “lack a fixed, regular, and nighttime residence,” these individuals are living on their own, without a parent or a guardian, and lacks stable housing increasing their vulnerability for sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, prostitution, or drug abuse.

Transition-aged youth (TAY), 18 to 24 years old, are one of the fastest growing homeless populations and require unique housing and services because they are still developing as young adults and need support until they are able to support themselves, gain life experience, and transition to adulthood.*

Youth Homelessness is unique because young  people

• are physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and socially still developing – they are adults-in-progress with unique strengths and assets
• enter into homelessness with little or no work experience
• are often forced into leaving their education (i.e. junior high and high school) as a result of their homelessness
• experience high levels of criminal victimization, including sexual exploitation
• often enter into homelessness without life skills such as cooking, money management and job searching.*

*The National Network for Youth

We work to alleviate the burden of poverty and abuse for a young life and to provide fuel for a bright future

We Are Becoming’s home is an intimate, family style house, designed to be a welcoming place for every person who enters - for all to be acknowledged and respected, regardless of their past or present troubles. The home is dedicated to female transition-aged youth, ages 21-24 years old to create daily rhythms of shared meals, conversations, goal setting and doing life together. Our hope is for each person to experience God’s love, healing and restoration.

Three phases of personal growth as We Are Becoming


Develop a deep sense of safety and security. Residents’ most basic life needs for shelter, food, sleep, clothing and other personal needs will be addressed.


Goal setting, healing and identity formation. Residents are immersed in a structured program for personal progress and emotional stability with an underlying goal to address the effects of trauma.


Maturity and leadership. Residents are empowered with tools for independent living, ready to contribute to their wider community and to affect positive change in our society.

Our residential services are delivered in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:


Bible Study, Christian Principles and Teachings


Therapy, Counseling and Case Management


Educational Support and Vocational Training

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Personal Mentorship and Peer-to-Peer Work

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Life Coaching: Setting and Tracking Personal Goals

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Career Development and Internship Opportunity


Life Skills Training and Employment Opportunity

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Extra-Curricular Activities