Stella Sunwoo | stella@wearebecoming.org
Co-Founder and Executive Director 


Stella's previous work experience covers a wide range of spectrum from counseling and program development to program management and team building. She worked directly with survivors of sex trafficking, gaining an intimate knowledge of a survivor’s healing process to counseling and guiding youth from low income families with their education and career development for a national not-for-profit membership organization, partnering with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.

Stella earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from New York University and a Masters of Mental Health Counseling from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling. She loves desserts and running but if you would ask her friends, they will say, she loves the Lord. To her surprise, she was once introduced with, “Meet Stella, she loves the Lord.” 

Helen Tay | helen@wearebecoming.org
Co-Founder and Director of Operations


Helen has worked in Finance Technology for the past 18 years, in a variety of roles focusing on Client Services, Consulting and Relationship Management. In each role she worked to implement new process and improve structure with the objective to increase the standard of excellence in productivity, quality, communication, and client satisfaction.

Helen graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science. She is an avid reader and beginner ballerina. She is mother to two children and has a passion to see children receive God’s deep love and understanding which serve as a foundation for identity and purpose. 

Susan Hwang | susan@wearebecoming.org
Director of Programs


Susan joins our team with years of experience working closely with youth and young adults. In NYC and Boston, she worked as a pastor, serving in many capacities, including mentoring, counseling, staff building, program development and implementation. She is an adjunct professor and staff at the School of Visual Arts NYC, where she continues to enjoy working with an eclectic population.

Susan graduated with a Bachelors degree from Gordon College and a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Susan is a mother of two daughters, who share in her love for sports and the great outdoors. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Coach for Krav Maga and a student of the Martial Arts. She loves coaching others in physical wellness, and believes it can unlock potential and promise in anyone willing to learn. Susan is passionate about coming alongside others to give them hope, courage and guidance, whether in a counseling session or a self-defense class!


During my work with survivors of trafficking, I often wondered if there could have been a point in these women’s lives that would have prevented them from being trafficked. Over the years, these thoughts and questions crossed my mind often. The more I got to know the survivors and their stories, the more I wished something could have been done for them earlier.

I remember one particular night at the safehouse. The house was restless and the mood was down and cold, just like the weather outside. Everyone was feeling the winter blues, especially since it was the holiday season. Those days always seemed to be the worst.