We Are Becoming is a place to call home and a community of belonging

The concept of We Are Becoming (WAB) was birthed from conversations over coffee between Helen Tay and Stella Sunwoo. They discovered that there was a clear lack of services for vulnerable young people who were homeless and/or aged out of foster care system, and therefore, decided to focus on reaching young people who were at the highest risk to be trafficked and homeless and help guide them on a different path.

In 2018, Helen and Stella connected with the leaders of the women’s ministry team of Promised Land Covenant Church (PLCC). Through much prayer and consideration, they have passed the work of We Are Becoming to be continued under the leadership of Cynthia Pena as PLCC’s Parachurch Ministry to serve the vulnerable young population of the Bronx Community.

To learn more about Promised Land Covenant Church, visit them here!

WHO WE ARE: The Heart of WAB

We Are Becoming’s mission is, at the core, a gospel mission. That it is only through the transforming work of Jesus Christ that a life headed in the wrong direction can be caught, saved, healed, and transformed to beauty and gracious Father. So, WAB will serve vulnerable young people, to give them hope and a future by providing a safe place to call home. Our vision is to see the compassion of Christ transform lives and communities. Our residential programs are designed for a place of safety and security and during their time in the WAB home, we encourage and cultivate healthy relationships and support each resident’s personal progress. We help to prepare them in practical ways for successful independent living.

The residence is an intimate, shared space where each woman will be respected and acknowledged. The home is dedicated to female aged-out foster young adults, ages 21-24 years old. They will live together, share meals, and goal set. Our hope is for each person to experience God’s love, healing, and restoration.


Cynthia Pena | cynthia@wearebecoming.org
Executive Director 

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Cynthia has over 15 years of experience working with young girls and women as a Ministry leader. Currently, she holds a position on the Women of Promise Committee at Promised Land Covenant Church (PLCC) serving the women in the church and the community through mentoring, counseling, teaching, team building, organizing and implementing outreach events in the community.

Cynthia earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lehman College and has worked at Bellevue Hospital. She currently is working as a Public Health Nurse for the NYC DOHMH. She also raised her son as a single mother until she married her husband, Tito, in 2012. Cynthia loves to read and dance. Her home has been used as a haven for homeless under-served young adults.  She holds to heart the words of Jesus in Matthew 25:36 as her statement to living life – “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.”